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We provide a deep understanding of the many challenges organizations face on a continuous basis, from re-engagement of service excellence by their employees to true cultural transformation.  Through inspiring keynote presentations, workshops for executives and front line staff, individual coaching and programs to understand the end users, these highly motivated collaborators are the right fit that only Greypit can provide.  We work with you and your teams together – not just determine what needs correction and hand you a notebook of those findings for you to “figure out” – we work alongside you for solid outcomes.

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The Greypit Story

Over the last 20+ years my passion has been to help rescue greyhounds.

Our first boy Mickey taught us how gentle and loving these beautiful athletes can be – especially when they get to be off the track and away from the dismal lifestyle they endure while racing, not even to mention some of the severe injuries they may have incurred.  They truly want lots of hugs, a comfortable place to lounge, and as many treats as can be shared.

Several years ago we added to this quest, the plight of the pit bull terrier and bully breeds, terribly misunderstood and a dog who just wants to be loved and show how loyal and loving they can be in return.  If it weren’t for the majority of negative media, they would just be dogs.

In thinking about my retirement, my dream is to help as many dog rescue organizations as possible; especially those who work closely with greyhounds and “pitties” and in turn train them as therapy and companion dogs.  I realized that this does take a certain amount of cash to support their efforts.

In thinking of how to finance my dream, I was inspired by a group of highly talented and compassionate friends who, much like my greyhound and “pittie” friends, have much to share and give back to companies and organizations, creating a circle of productivity for everyone – and funds for the dogs.

As I filed to incorporate my new company, I was inspired by my two furry family members at the time, who always were on hand for moral support and treats, to name the new firm Greypit Inc. – after Joey, the GREYhound and Poppet, the PIT bull – to keep me focused on the long term goal.  By the way, they serve on the board as Chief Happiness Officer and Chief Oversight Officer, respectively.

About Shirley

Shirley Decker, founder and Chief Convener of Greypit Inc., draws on 40+ years of experience. From time in the hospitality industry she has been able to port that experience and understanding of top guest experience and operations into success within industries from healthcare to retail. She has met the diverse and demanding corporate communications needs of clients and has now built a team of brilliant talent to define and deliver strategic solutions.

A recipient of Disney’s Partners in Excellence, Shirley offers an ability to anticipate and fulfill the needs of clients by strong listening skills and understanding what audiences expect. Shirley recently served on the Board of Trustees for WMFE 90.7, Central Florida’s NPR affiliate as well as a “voice” during fund drives. She was a finalist for the prestigious Women Who Mean Business Award in 2012. And of course, she still is involved in the rescue of retired greyhounds and ending dog racing as well as changing the image of pit bull terriers, even naming her company for both breeds.

“Once the organizational leaders realize how much we care about what we can share, they will realize that we can add that same excellence and compassion within their workplaces and walk the journey with them.”

– Shirley Decker, Founder & Chief Convener

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