Lisa Broesch

For more than two decades Lisa has helped leaders activate their potential to build stronger organizations. Lisa founded Actualize Consulting Group in 2006 after working as director of entertainment strategic planning, communications, and creative development for SeaWorld Orlando and Discovery Cove, a division of the Anheuser-Busch Entertainment Corporation. During her career with the company, she partnered with co-executives to develop strategic plans to create and implement events and experiences to attract and maintain consistent growth in annual attendance. Lisa also worked to co-create the Busch Entertainment World-Class Service program and traveled throughout the country and around the world benchmarking “World Class” customer service and utilizing her insight to influence a higher standard in product and guest service quality. Over the years, her influence positively impacted millions of guests annually, across the nation. In her role with the corporation, Lisa contributed to record profits, record attendance, and record guest service ratings for Anheuser-Busch Theme Parks, specifically SeaWorld Orlando and Discovery Cove. The experience and insight she gained from working in such a large organization, with a broad span of oversight, ensures that Lisa’s recommendations are practical and implementable.

Lisa is known for her ability to present information in an energetic and personable way that engages her clients and drives them to take action on their initiatives. Lisa is an seasoned media spokesperson, certified coach and graduate of Alan Weiss’ Million Dollar Consulting College®. Lisa specializes in keynote presentations, training, facilitation, implementation,  executive coaching and leadership development and has helped leaders and individuals in Fortune 50 companies and small to medium-size businesses, across multiple industries, nationwide.