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Rick Stone

Richard is a nationally recognized speaker on the power of story and its applications in business, healthcare, and education. He got his start 25+ years ago developing story-based training programs for team building and leadership development and has been a leader in the field of narrative reminiscence. He has worked with diverse organizations such as Walt Disney Imagineering, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Hewlett Packard, Eastman Chemical Company, Kraft Foods, and Novant Health. His current work at StoryWork International is focused on using the power of story to assist leaders to transform their organizations and their approach to leading, infusing their work with deeper purpose and meaning. Richard is the author of the soon-to-be-released The Seven Powers of Story, The Healing Art of Storytelling, Stories: The Family Legacy, The Kingdom of Nowt, and co-wrote The Patient Survival Handbook. He is also the co-creator of StoryCare, an innovative program for driving behavioral change among healthcare staff to improve patient safety and satisfaction along with the award-winning board game Pitch-A-Story.